They came from the mist

when shit hits a mechanized fan

A blog for your campaign

you have lost your home thanks to the mechanized force of Francis well at lest your temporary home as you were on the counsel for the north eastern territory of Valhala
you saw dead citicancens litlle children peacekeepers rhinopians who gave there life trying to protect the city. but the clockwork aforce was to strong and the city was falling as you stepped through a portal. the the Fox Folk Capital (The Raising Sun)

you were informed that you have lost contact with the unicorn-ling city of Mnt Alimpis to the south east

you found out that the disorganized forces of the terrible orks have become more organized and were constently attacking the only town of Loxodon in the north east territory

you have gained 2 +1 Adomantin glaves
1 magical Dodecagon with unknown re god runes on each side that apiered in-front of Duncan durring the counsel meeting

you have gained 1 artifact the shield artifact that is part of 4 artifacts that summon the god “Hope”

1 clockwork mage captured


1 Clockwork mage aquired… like its people.

when shit hits a mechanized fan

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