Shroomling’s have access to the fallowing classes/ rouge, Alchemist, Witch

Shroomling’s are A sexual, there attracted to shinny objects and talk back wards , despite there appearance they are not real fungus

Fey (2 RP)
A fey is a creature with supernatural abilities and
connections to nature or to some other force or place. A fey
race has the following features.
• Fey have the low-light vision racial trait.
• Fey breathe, eat, and sleep.

Diminutive (8 RP): Prerequisites: Aberration, construct, dragon,
fey, outsider (native), or plant type; Benefit: Diminutive creatures
gain a +4 size bonus to Dexterity and a –4 size penalty to
Strength. Diminutive races gain a +4 size bonus to their AC, a
+4 size bonus on attack rolls, a –4 penalty on combat
maneuver checks and to their CMD, and a +10 size bonus on
Stealth checks. Diminutive characters take up a space of 1/2 feet
by 1/2 feet, so up to four of these characters can fit into a
single square. Diminutive races typically have a natural reach of 0
feet, meaning they can’t reach into adjacent squares. They
must enter an opponent’s square to attack it in melee. This
provokes an attack of opportunity from the opponent.
Since they have no natural reach, they do not threaten the
squares around them. Other creatures can move through
those squares without provoking attacks of
opportunity. Diminutive creatures typically cannot
flank an enemy.

Standard (0 RP): Members of this race gain a +2 bonus to
one physical ability score, a +2 bonus to one mental ability
score, and a –2 penalty to any other ability score.
+2 dex +2 int -2 wis

fast 3 this allows Shroomlings to move at 40 ft movement speed
Fast (1 RP): Prerequisite: Normal speed; Benefit:
Members of this race gain a +10 foot bonus to their base
speed. Special: This trait can be taken more than once, but
each time it is, the cost increases by 1 RP. Its effects stack

Greed (1 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members of
this race gain a +2 bonus on Appraise checks to determine
the price of nonmagical goods that contain precious
metals or gemstones.

Climb (2 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members of this
race have a climb speed of 20 feet, and gain the +8 racial
bonus on Climb checks that a climb speed normally grants

Gliding mushroom top (3 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit:
Members of this race take no damage from falling (as if
subject to a constant nonmagical feather fall spell). While
in midair, members of this race can move up to 5 feet
in any horizontal direction for every 1 foot they fall, at
a speed of 60 feet per round. A member of a race with
gliding wings cannot gain height with these wings alone;
it merely coasts in other directions as it falls. If subjected
to a strong wind or any other effect that causes a creature
with gliding wings to rise, it can take advantage of the
updraft to increase the distance it can glide.

Plagueborn (1 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit:
Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on saving
throws against disease, ingested poisons, and becoming
nauseated or sickened.


They came from the mist Oakprime