They came from the mist

You will lern to regret this

the Darkones Temper tantrum

the Queens Gratitude
From the Valt
everyone – the seal of the Kyuubi
+ Dunkons Black Blade -1 dunkon
belt of the Nine tails. +2 belt of st.

Konoma Takeko- THe Sacred Sword (a +2 Irion wood katana made from the compressed trunk of the fallen sacred tree this item is naturally magical & holds secrets not yet known (special must turn in Heirloom Weapon + 1 vile of the golden tree sap counts as new Heirloom Weapon)

Desala- Goggles of King Kama (+2 int (Linguistics (reading only) may
see 20 ft through fog efects and magical darkness) grants dark-vision 30)

Eran Temerath- (rose tinted sunglases) eyes of Emperor Eltin John (works as a lense of detection and grants the user +2 cha (blinding affects do not work agenst you)

Dhamma of the Roland Family- The Jem of FireFox (this Jem used to reside connected to the Kyuubi’s Sword – once connected to a weapon it gains +1 and may become a radient weapon once a day for 3 rounds by command words foxFire Inferno when this is in affect the weapon appears to be coated in a golden flame (the +1 dos not stack with weapons that currently have a + 1 to it) Firefox_Icon_by_wlad241.png

Duncan Grey- TBA



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