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fox-folk royal family
Peace Keepers

Other races not in the alliance
Polar Grizzlies

you will be starting at 4th lvl
20 point buy
6th lvl starting gp.
being 4th lvl is considered being powerful in this day and age.
unless otherwise noted lvls will be gained every third session however i reserve the right to withhold that. there will be bonuses for showing up on time this bonuses will be in game things. there will be no penalties if you cannot make game and i am notified in advance (at lest 2 hours ahead of time) penalties will not take form in not lvling with everyone else everyone will lvl at the same time. you will start out knowing each other as you will be on the same counsel however this dos not imply you know or even like each other well. you may in back story have ties to each other beyond the counsel.

no matter the class you pick you will be starting as a representative of your people in a Unicornling’s city. there are 4 Unicornling cities (Atlantis, Avalon, Valhalla,and MTN Alimpus) each Unicorning city has a counsel much like yourown witch are formed to try and keep peace between the 11 races of this content witch is known from ancient text as Ameri
you are starting in the city Valhalla.


this game takes place after the time of man. after nuclear fallout ravaged the land and the world had bin reborn with magic dragons were re-awoken from this. they were the rulleres of the land there were not many dragons to begin with however 500 years ago the dragons just vanished from the world without a trace. it is said that the eliatrope’s are the decedents of the dragons. but this is just speculation.

Each of the races have or know of a location of a artifact. only the elder know the location of the artifact but though’s who are in the hierarchy of each race know of it.

in addition the counsel knows of 4 peaces to a artifact that when put together creates a god named Hope.. or so it is foretold. theirs a helm a sword a shield and a hart. alone they are powerless however create a strong magical field but together they summon a being unlike any has seen. in Valhalla lies the shield. deep under the council hall.

Each of the unicornling cities are all connected by a portal system however the portals access key if the only way to use them. only a select few have access to the,
portals- Magic_Portal_by_Nightcross.png

the counsel of 11 in Vallhala

Uniconling Elita the chosen one

Eliatrope -Duncan

TreeFolk- Oak Prime

Shroomling- Ferb of the house of Smush

Foxfolk- Royal family- Konoma Takeko

Rinopian- Rinox of the Clash

Loxodon- Dhamma of the Roland Family
Gravelmen- Onix of bedrock

Sacklings- Crank of the house of clunk

Faries- Smoke Lilylily

Peace Keepers-Eran Temerath

person of interest
The Dark One
Francis The Ender Of Time
world map
councel meating agenda

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They came from the mist Oakprime